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Veröffentlichungen: Point Processes and Coincidences

Odile Macchi
Point Processes and Coincidences
ISBN 978-3-944311-03-6
UVP 41,95 , Händlerpreis 29,37

This work contains the fundamental discovery of permanental processes as a model for photons made by Prof. Odile Macchi at the beginning of the seventies. It is deeply rooted in Quantum Optics in taking the notion of coincidence as a basic theoretical notion and develops for the ?rst time in a rigorous way a point process theory for the description of bosons and fermions. It is a corner stone which connects Quantum Optics and modern point process theory. The purpose of the additional Scholion, written by Prof. Suren Poghosyan and Prof. Hans Zessin is an exposition of developments in the last four decades.